Open the Door to a Whole New Life!

You're about to discover how to...

Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!

Think of your life as a series of doors you try to unlock and open to experience MORE of what you desire.

What exists on the other side of these doors can be almost magical in its ability to...

  • Make you immensely happier, healthier and wealthier.
  • Increase your confidence, strength, and self-worth.
  • Present opportunities to advance your career and net worth.
  • Enable you to accomplish goals you could never before achieve.
  • Allow you to feel more appreciated and more loved.
  • And essentially rewrite your life's story!

Yet, some of the doors you face never seem to open. No matter which key you try. No matter how hard you try to budge them. No matter the effort and commitment you give.

Think of the doors in your life you haven't quite been able to unlock or open all the way...

The door to endless prosperity

Where you never have to worry
about money again.


The door to health and vitality

Where you enjoy a sound mind,
strong body, and disease-free future.


The door to incredible achievements

You never believed were possible.


The door to complete peace of mind

Where fear and worry are a distant memory.


Now imagine being able to easily open not just one of these doors... but EVERY SINGLE ONE of these doors — and in fact, EVERY door you face — all with a SIMPLE step-by-step plan!

Today those doors swing wide open!

"Your Life Will Not Go According to Plan, If You Do Not Have a Plan."

From the Desk of Gary Ryan Blair:

It's time to get busy making this your BEST YEAR EVER!

Best year ever?

You bet. I am a busy entrepreneur, husband, father, blogger, coach and speaker. I play a lot of roles. I’ll bet you do, too. I am often asked, “How do you get it all done?”

Three words: Personal Strategic Plan


Sadly, I have met very few people who have a plan for their life. Most are passive spectators, watching their lives unfold, one day at a time. They are reactive rather than proactive.

They may plan their careers, the building of a new home, or even a vacation.

But it never occurs to them to plan their life.

Gary Ryan Blair has developed a powerful,
practical program that shows you how to set goals and plot strategies for each area of your life!


Brian Tracy

Best Selling Author of
Maximum Achievement

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Gary's passion for his subject encourages a desire to adopt a life-altering plan of attack. In a common sense - but no nonsense - way, Gary will help you to take the measure of your belief systems, engage your goal-seeking mechanisms, and charge toward your ideal future.


Margaret Howell

Marketing Manager American Express

Your Personal Strategic Life Plan is a digital download

consisting of both high-quality mp3 lessons and world-class
study guides that are instantly delivered on ANY Device.

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Creating your Personal Strategic Life Plan is not so much a workbook...

Life Planning Model

“Values lay the groundwork for your goals; Goals lead to the fulfillment of your mission;
Your mission leads to the realization of your life's work — your Legacy.“
In this downloadable program, I will take you through how to:
  • Develop Your Vision Statement
  • Develop Your Legacy Statement
  • Develop Your Mission Statement
  • Develop Your Personal Philosophy
  • Define and Measure Your Values
  • Develop Your Personal Code of Ethics
  • Develop Your Lifetime Objectives
  • Develop Your Goals
  • Develop Your Action Plans
  • Develop Your Organizing Themes
  • Develop Your Personal Board of Directors
  • Measure and Monitor Your Performance
In addition, you'll also be introduced to...
  1. A visualization exercise that will give you enormous clarity on what matters most.
  2. A balance profile for identifying where you are NOW, and how to get from here to where you want to be.
  3. A series of forms for keeping your life on-plan and moving in the direction of your highest priorities.
  4. A planning template, a PDF document that will make it easier for you to create your plan and keep it up-to-date.

You can’t buy this Personal Strategic Life Plan in a bookstore. In fact, you can’t buy it anywhere on the internet.

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